Faith is the gift of God which permeates the whole being. Abraham lived this type of experience, i.e. permeated by faith. This means that if faith is lived as Abraham did, it does not allow compromise in any sphere of life including politics, economics and social life, for it informs human activity. In modern political activity in legislation, secularists segregate religion from political activity. However, for a Christian, faith informs all human moral activity, all strata of life. King Baudoin of the Belgians is a modern model of a living personal faith in politics. As a monarch of his nation, he chose to abdicate rather than sign into law the abortion bill passed by the Belgian parliament. His famous words: “I was alone, with my conscience and God”. This issued from personal faith lived very intensely; a life of prayer, sacraments and contemplation of God. He chose life. South African Catholic politicians of the majority party were expected to take a radical stand against the abortion bill. Did they? Sir Thomas Moore, chancellor of the King of England also chose to lose his status and life rather than take an oath that compromised his faith.

Following the example of these saintly figures, faith should inform political discourse. Unfortunately, Christian lawmakers in South Africa and elsewhere submit to ideologies which pervert the values and virtues of human life. Material gain can also be one of the motives for compromise. This compromise is the way taken by insecure Christians who lack radical commitment to faith. Therefore, legislatures take a happy ride due to the lack of serious debate from the faith perspective. They would rather make compromises of their faith for the sake of loyalty to the party, and the prevailing or up-coming moral culture. It is also clear that the Gospel narrative has not made an impact. If it had, faith would direct the imperative to enter the debate for the sake of health and wholeness of human society instead of loyalty to party political ideology.

Legislatures, like Stalinist and communist regimes, claim the prerogative of impounding the consciences of party members. Hence, they can be impervious to understanding or accepting the reality of basic structures of nature and historical experiences of societies. Engineers respect the laws of flexibility, expansion, vibration and contraction by building structures which respond to these physical realities, integrating earthquake movements—otherwise the structures would not stand. Social engineering also must listen to the deeper structures of nature. Nature itself arranges creatures in pairs (according to basic fundamental structures of nature): male and female—not male-male, female-female determined by deeper structures in nature. Therefore, whatever does not evolve according to these deeper structures is definitely abnormal for it fails to attain its perfection. What is abnormal cannot be normalized by the make-believe of legislation. Nature, science and right reason have lessons to be learned from. Homeopathic medicine heals by recourse to the elements embedded in the very organism; drugs and medicine are measured to trigger relief and healing from within the depth of the organism; even a miracle does not violate deeper structures of nature but activates them. Also natural law embraces the reality of the law of nature.

Christian politicians should study refined Christian philosophy and culture and cease being captives of party political ideology. A well-formed Christian politician is guided by the Gospel and faith, the finer points of philosophy of human nature and life. He enters the dialogue poised to critically challenge the legislation that is being debated. Dialogue is not an imposition of one’s point of view, but it is a clarification of one’s belief and understanding of the realities of human life. For example, the concept of marriage is canonical for the people of faith; marriage is a union, covenant and communion between a man and a woman, the article of the Creed of Israel in the Book of Genesis. Male-male or female-female unions are sterile, lead to inner frustration, and this fails to respect the deeper structures of human nature. Getting involved in the political discourse on these issues is not an imposition, but a contribution to enlightenment and an exercise of the virtue of faith.


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“In modern political activity in legislation, secularists segregate religion from political activity. However, for a Christian, faith informs all human moral activity, all strata of life.”