Due to a combination of circumstances, mainly my husband’s ill health which has also caused financial problems, we have had to leave our beloved South Africa and come to live with our son and family in England. (We had no adult children left in South Africa)
Everything was so chaotic before we left, not to mention traumatic, that I forgot to let several people know we were leaving, including the Comboni Media Centre. I fear at least one magazine was lost as the last one I have is April-May. Much to my irritation I also left the calendar behind!
When my husband came home from a solo trip to Mass one Sunday and said he’d signed up for your magazine, I groaned inwardly, because I’m the one who reads and I thought I had enough already, especially as we subscribed to Time. Well, how wrong I was! Worldwide is the best magazine I’ve ever read and when Time was due for renewal, I didn’t bother. I find Worldwide stimulating both spiritually and intellectually and I especially miss it at the moment as we’re in a little town in the midlands where there is no resident priest and one comes to say Mass three times a week. I desperately miss the daily Eucharist at St Charles, Victory Park in Jo’burg and realise how blessed we were there. (BTW, there are apparently only four priests in the whole diocese of Northamptonshire). Worldwide is not a substitute for Mass of course, but it would keep me up to date with what’s going on, as well as the aforementioned benefits.
I think we still have a little money with you, so I wonder if you could continue to send me the magazine, as from the June issue and I will pay the international subscription when we’re due to renew. The only problem with that is the erratic postal system in SA. Do people who subscribe from overseas normally receive the magazine okay?
I will put our current details at the bottom of this and hope to hear from you. The subscription had better be in my name as husband Chris has had several strokes in the area of the brain which governs cognitive processing and memory, so can’t cope with anything that requires word finding and he battles to read.
Blessings on you all for the work you do and many thanks for a wonderful magazine,
• HEATHER WATERMEYER, received by email