Education is profoundly political, and behind politics there is always economics. In South Africa, and throughout the world, herein lies the paradox. Good education creates skills, makes people employable, creating at very least a less unequal society. At its best, it creates middle class societies where the income gap narrows considerably. Poor education creates the opposite. In our case we have an economy where the vast majority of people are badly educated, with limited to no prospects of employability. READ MORE >>>


Education inequality, which exists all over the world but is a great African setback, undermines the right to knowledge that all boys and girls should have. This lack of equal prospects is in itself able to segregate and marginalize entire groups, even though they followed the same school curriculum. Educational inequality is a complex phenomenon: it can be measured in a variety of ways and has a lasting effect on the lives of people. READ MORE >>>

By fr JosePh caraMaZZa | CoMBoNI MISSIoNARy

When there’s inequity in learning, it’s usually baked into life, Harvard University analysts conclude. one awarded expert called high-quality education “the new civil rights battleground.”. READ MORE >>>

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A new world study reveals that there are great educational differences, above all at regional level, between the followers of the main religions. The schooling gap exists mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, India and other parts of Asia. However, according to the global survey published at the end of 2016, significant improvements have also been detected. READ MORE >>>

By Manuel Giraldes | JoURNALIST


It has been recognized that affordable quality education is the main tool to overcome injustice and inequalities and to promote social mobility. To provide equal educational opportunities to all, firstly to girls and women, are the main effort and the main budget line of the most developed societies. In turn, the educational achievements of their citizens guarantee that they remain on top in the list of the most developed societies. But Kibera slum, in Nairobi, is special: in fact, it bring tears of hopelessness to the eyes of those who really intend to help those children. READ MORE >>>

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The lack of educated, or even semi-skilled parents makes life difficult for many young people.They have no-one to guide them. They make their own decisions, not always good ones, and no-one seems to care. They have no real childhood. READ MORE >>>

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To meet the “man” called daniel Comboni look at his “letters”. An accurate reading of his Writings unveils the events which mark the unfolding of his love story. The story starts off on the 4th of July 1857, with the preparations to depart for Africa. Before? Just pre-history! Comboni is credible as a saint because he was a reliable man. READ MORE >>>

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In the Cambodian jungle, around the magnificent pinnacles of Angkor—the greatest religious compound in the world—a buried megalopolis like Paris or Los Angeles was found by the laser technology of NASA. Now we can understand the grandeur of the structures in the capital of this great empire in Southeast Asia which was probably “defeated” by overpopulation and/or climate change. READ MORE >>>

By Manuel Giraldes | JoURNALIST